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Dog Silencer Pro – An Excellent Dog Training System

dog silencer pro

Dog Silencer Pro

All dogs bark but when constant barking is the result of a bad habit, it is time to bring Dog Silencer Pro on the scene. Everyone would agree that barking is just natural for dogs. After all, that is their voice and just like people, they often have something to say. When the barking becomes excessive, however, it creates a nuisance that most people want to stop. Most pet owners would not want to stop the dog from barking entirely, as they can be a good alarm system in the event of danger.

Dogs also need to bark at times to let their owners know something is wrong and they are uncomfortable, hungry or thirsty. Dogs also bark when they are lonely, distressed, bored or need attention. Any barking of this type can be eliminated by correcting whatever is wrong. When barking is just for the sake of barking, though, it may be time to look for the help of a dog silencing system.


Difficulties Training Without Dog Silencer Pro

There are ways to train a dog not to bark but not all owners have the time or patience to manage effective training. Also, dog training should really be started when the animal is a puppy in order to have the best chance at lifetime success. When a dog is barking, hold a treat close to him or her and say stop or hush or quiet. Any word is okay so long as the same word is used each time.

When the dog stops barking to investigate the treat, give enthusiastic praise by saying good dog or something similar and give the treat. Keep repeating this action until the dog learns that when the word is repeated it should immediately stop barking. Eventually a treat will not be needed each time.

Training takes consistency and patience but it can be done. Never hit, kick or otherwise punish a dog for not learning or obeying. Dogs do not learn by being treated harshly as that only makes them fearful or mean in self-defense.

This method may work when started as a puppy and may be more effective with an indoor dog which is easier to control. It is usually more difficult to train an adult dog and especially a dog rescued from a shelter or puppy mill. A dog outdoors in a fenced in yard may find many distractions and people or animals at which to bark and may not even hear an owner shouting commands. When training efforts do not work or take up too much time, it is time to invest in the best dog silencer available.


Advantages of Dog Silencer Pro

Even if a pet parent can stop his or her own dog from barking, there may still be a lot of noise from a neighbor’s dog. One of the worst scenarios is someone who does not even own a dog but must tolerate a dog next door who can make life miserable with constant barking.

If the neighbors were irresponsible or uncaring, there was little a person could do in the past to continue enjoying his or her own home. That has now changed with a dog training system that actually works on every dog right from the start. It can be used indoors or out and works equally well on the neighborhood dogs.

This humane training device teaches dogs that their barking will produce sounds that are irritating to them. It is different from painful shock collars that are designed to use on only one dog at a time. The silencing system will have an effect on all dogs in the vicinity by producing a high-pitched sound that only dogs can hear. No need to call the police when the constant barking of a neighbor‘s dog becomes annoying. Just use the silencer and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Features of Dog Silencer Pro

This excellent device will stop dog barking simply and easily. It runs on a 9 volt battery or can be plugged in with an adapter. The volume level is adjustable and the owner can choose whether to hear the pitch. The dog or dogs in the home or in the outdoor area will hear it regardless. Its only obvious disadvantage is that it should not be used with an invisible fence as the ultrasound frequency from the fence may confuse the dog and interfere with the training.

A growing number of testimonies and customer reviews report the effectiveness of the silencing system. Many who have tried traditional dog training on their own with limited success and have used several other devices, have found this dog silencer to be the answer to their dog barking problems.

Reviewers who do not even own dogs have used the device to quiet neighbors’ dogs and have described blissful quiet that lets them hear the birds sing again. No permission was necessary as they did not need to enter another person's property. [Read more…]


Other features include:

•   Dog Barking Detected up to 75 Feet
•   Exclusive Keychain Remote Control For Use Beyond 75 Feet
•   For Indoor or Outdoor Use
•   Water and Compact Resistant
•   Sound Can be Heard for 200 to 300 Feet.
•   Use Optional AC Adaptor or 9V Battery
•   Ease of Use and Installs Anywhere
•   Silence Outdoor Dogs From Inside the Home

The silencing device comes complete with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and a no-risk money back guarantee.

This device is the first unit to have dual operation, making it extra portable. Even dogs that are resistant to electronic dog collars respond to the high-pitched sound and will learn to associate it with barking.

Adjustable fold out feet enables the silencer to stand on any surface or hang it on a fence or wall with the cutouts on the back. The complete pack including an AC adapter is available for less than $100 and can be found on sale from various merchants. Start humane dog training today with veterinary approved Dog Silencer Pro and permanently end excessive barking with this proven method. I recommend to order here.